Navn: Lars Zbinden Hansen, Nairobi, Kenya

Erhverv: Attaché (diplomat)

Fødselsår: 1958

Tingens navn: Child nomades of our times

Marc, born 4.1.1994. Mathias, born 14.11.1995

Marc was born prematurely in the 26th week of pregnancy and due to the "Rigshospitalet" in Copenhagen is alive and and well and without means from the traumatic birth experience. Marc and his brother Mathias, who was born in Copenhagen, too, 14 November, 1995 has in their short lives (29.7.2000 at the opening of The Museum of Modern Lives) have lived in the following countries: Denmark, Uganda, South Africa, Morocco and are at present on their way to a permanent stay in Kenya. Both boys speak English and understand Danish and Swiss German. The boys are a product of our times with a lot of movement and a lot of exposure to different cultures and languages