“Det moderne livs fortællinger er alle steder"
august 2000

"The Tale of Modern Life is Everywhere"
august 2000

"Elektroniske Spejlbilleder"
Fyens Stiftstidende juli 2000

"Grapheions Visitors" uddrag Grapheion
april 2000

"Hun bygger museum på internet"
Fyens Stiftidende december 1999

Uddrag af et interview, der bliver trykt i det kommende nummer af
- european review of modern prints, book and paper art
(2. issue 2000):

I want to describe the good aspects

Sergei Djanian, Scandinavian correspondent of the Daily Moskovskije Novosti, talks with Maria Rytter
S.D. What is your latest project? M.R. The Museum of Modern Life is already on the internet -- I worked out the idea with my long-time friend, the Ukrainian printmaker Pavel Makov. The point is that the main museum pages on the net are traditional sites, advertisements for permanent exhibitions. But our museum is thought out as an example of how mankind lives on the Earth: it is 100% virtual. We circulate registration forms on the net so that visitors can install virtual exhibitions in our museum themselves. One of my two daughters played a major role in the project: 26-year-old Laura Rytter Holm, who is an artist and web designer among other things. It was she who worked out the design for the museum with her friend Henrik Beck. Visitors will find the museum at the address www.modernlife.dk.